Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day Three of the OSR booth (and a whole picture!)

Day three was quite busy and the traffic heavy. Today began with a short podcast interview about the OSR that should appear in a week or so at All Games Considered and we've now sold out of several different titles and I believe have only a few remaining copies of some others. I have to say the highlight of the day was the nice long conversation with Frank Mentzer who dropped by the booth to talk about his future plans. I do admit finding them very interesting.

We've been having a blast so far and I'm really pleased to be so busy.

***Picture in which one can see the booth, John Bingham, Tavis Allison (who's really helping out with the Gygax Memorial Fund) and the back of Sniderman of The Savage Afterworld. As you can see from his shirt, he's a master of fashion.... :)***


  1. Although I'm often decked out in my oh-so-fashionable Convention Hat and loud Hawaiian shirts, that ain't me in the picture. My hat's not nearly as nice and my shirts are louder. ;)

  2. That is just freakin' Groovy!!!!

  3. I'm so happy it's going great. Congratz!

    Oh - the Boy and I were present at NTRPGCON for a demo of one of the things Frank is working on - and it was great. I think he's really got some good ideas there.

    And do forgive me - I'm going to steal your image and go toot my horn about the logo. Thanks for using it. :)

    - Ark

  4. Arkhein, people have loved the logo! It's great and I'm very thankful for you're letting us use it.

    Sniderman, my apologies for the misidentification. :)

  5. Very cool! Met Frank a few weeks ago in London, nice guy.


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