Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Good News! The OSR at GenCon Again!

I'm passing along a post by Bill Barsh of Pacesetter Games & Simulations... :-)

I would like to announce that for the second straight year, there will be an OSR booth at Gen Con! Last year, Joe Browning of XRP did a fantastic job and really gave the OSR a boost. This year, I will be running the booth, with some help from the good guys at Faster Monkey Games. 

So far we have some great OSR companies participating including Expeditious Retreat Press, Black Blade Publishing, Faster Monkey Games, Center Stage Miniatures, Frog God Games, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Henchmen Abuse, Weird Adventures and Pacesetter Games & Simulations. There will probably be more to add to this list.
If you are an OSR publisher, send me an email I will get the relevant information to you.

Just like last year, I am offering up the OSR booth as a nexus for anyone who would like to use it as a meeting place. I will also bring along a whiteboard and you can post information during the con regarding events, open gaming, etc.

For more information, contact me at your convenience at bbarsh@pacesettergames.com

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