Thursday, July 28, 2011

Booth Signs are In!

The signs for the booth just showed up in the mail today. There's only a few days left before we pack up and head on over to Indianapolis for Gen Con 2011. I've got so much old-school goodness that I've rented a trailer for everything to travel in.

So drop by the booth (#1541) and help me get better gas mileage on the trip back home! :)


  1. SWEET! See you guys there next Friday!!

  2. I'll be stopping by Thursday to pick up one of every supplement. And you shall know me by my mail-ordered Old School T.

  3. Heya Grover! I guess I will see you at the booth.... :)

  4. When do we get to see the booth signage?

  5. We'll probably put up some pics tomorrow of a booth in progress. It'll be late in the evening, however.


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